December 12, 2017

My 2018 Writing & Project Docket

I think I can say, with some confidence...that my non-blog non-freelance writing for 2018 is over. Much of it has been the sheer number of words I wrote (two novellas plus a short novel and two academic papers equal over 90,000 words, and that's not including a six-page comic story for a benefit book that's yet to be published), but much of it is that the muse seems to have left me...

...or more to the point, I'm just plain tired. (And yes, there are people I consider my "muses". They can contact me privately if they think they know who they are).

So as the holidays approach, I've decided to give myself a break from writing. After all, without the pressure of impending deadlines, I don't feel the need to crank out fiction. Plus, if I'm completely honest...I've compromised my own self-care. I need to be much gentler on myself and taking some time to catch my breath would not be a bad idea.

But looking forward to early 2018 here's what's on the fiction writing/personal project docket:

  • Developing an animated bible and two scripts (one pilot/one episode) for animated adaptation of another's unpublished graphic novel; it's a contract position that I'm working on mostly to develop my portfolio and build skills;
  • Finishing Big in the '90s (tentative title), a short story/possible novella focusing on a group of 1990s street-level superheroes reuniting to face one of their biggest challenges;
  • Writing a speaker/presentation page and rewriting my professional services page for
  • Developing and writing a graphic novel script tentatively titled The Reichenbach Notebook, which combines The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Leverage.
  • Two sequels to already written stories (one published, the other yet-to-be); and 
  • Potential work on panels for C2E2, Oak Lawn Fan Fest, and DePaul Pop Culture Celebration (as well as another, totally unrelated academic endeavor)
I know all that sounds rather daunting, but I'm more than willing to let it go for now. I'm a bit burned out and in a strange emotional place. (It's a tricky personal situation that isn't for public consumption...but it has meant that I'll be a lot more appreciative and open with my friends).  But for the last few weeks of 2018, a year that has been personally and professionally challenging, I'm chilling out.

Relatively speaking, of course. And you're always welcome to convince someone to hire me and/or buy one of my books in the interim. 

December 11, 2017

Sharpening My Online Profile

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we're on our way towards Christmas (and other holidays), I thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight some of my other online appearances. (Plus, it would allow me to build my search presence, since Blogger auto-posts to Google Plus, enhancing search optimization).

Yes, I can throw around online marketing buzzwords, why do you ask?

First, pre-Chicago TARDIS I had a hot streak writing for Chicago Now's One Cause At a Time, ending with a piece on "thoughts and prayers" well as a guest post on gratitude for another Chicago Now blog.

(When I'm not writing, I'm playing with can follow me there, you know)

Speaking of gratitude, I shared my thankful attitude on Sean Taylor's blog and also wrote a little about sex. Seriously.

And lest we forget...I have a new novella out. My fiction makes great Christmas gifts, you know.